Recent BreakThrough Impact Statements

BT has helped me to regain a vision of what I want to be, passionate, courageous. - D.S

Before BT I viewed life as a routine.  I would set goals, and I would only focus on acquiring those items.  BT has opned my eyes on life.  I now view life as an adventure.  Unexpected things in life will pop up.  Goals may not always has 1st priority in my life now.  I am an adventurer and not just another player in a routine. - J.H.

I am living in the present instead of the past. - D.V.

I can then choose who I will let touch my inner heart.  I now see the importance of saying "ouch" when something hurts me, rather than being polite to excuse it away. - K.P.

BreakThrough has given me the key to unlock the chains so my heart can get back to its original size. - T.D.

For once, I'm not dreading the next day.  I look at each day with a sense of hope and I'm happy while I'm experiencing that day.  I envision myself breaking the bonds of fear and self-delusion to become the person I really am. - R.W.

I see this being a point in time that I will look back on 1, 5, 10, 20....years down the road and saying, "That was a point in my life where I came to realize who I am and what I want to be.  It was the time where I took the jump from being a teenager to being a REAL MAN.  It truly was a turning point in my life that will always be treasured and remembered." - A.J.

I envision the long-range impact of this BreakThrough experience as a complete inner remodeling. - S.D.

I am more at peace, full of joy, and acceptance of who I am and where I am in life. - C.R.